Welcome to Fenway Park

I have successfully navigated the traffic, the train, and the crowd to make my way up to the press box here at Fenway for today’s Futures at Fenway double header.

I will be posting periodically between now and the PawSox matchup with the Charlotte Knights giving you a flavor of what’s going on here today. For right now a couple of early observations…

– Those of you coming to the game know that ticket prices have been slashed dramatically from what is charged to the paying customers of the big league club. It’s also nice to see that the local private parking lot owners are doing the same, with most spots, even those close to Fenway, selling for about $10 each. Good move.

– The Lowell Spinners and Hudson Valley Renegades are being introduced as I speak a-la the first game of the World Series, assembling across each baseline.
– Even though all four clubs playing today are afforded use of the field and dugouts for their games, the same courtesy is not being extended when it comes to the clubhouses. The Red Sox have closed the clubhouses to all teams, for whatever reason. It would have been great for the players to experience ALL aspects of playing at Fenway. All teams arrive in uniform and depart in uniform to shower back at LeLacheur Park and McCoy Stadium.
More to come…

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