Futures at Fenway Pre-Game, Take Two

It looked like the PawSox game was to start earlier than anticipated, but game one between the Hudson Valley Renegades and the Lowell Spinners has just entered extra innings.

That gives me a little time to go over some of the other happenings here at Fenway

The PawSox arrived after 1pm and 16 players took part in an autograph session in the Big Concourse area in right field.

The players and coaches are holed up in the Player’s Club located behind the stands in center field. The area is split into two sections, with the two visiting teams sharing one area and the Spinners and PawSox the other. It really is not a clubhouse but a banquet area where players can partake in a pre-game meal while seated at about a dozen tables spread out throughout the room. There is an area cordoned off as a make-shift training room for PawSox Trainer Greg Barajas to care to the players’ pre-game needs.

The players are responsible for all their gear, which is also strewn across the floor. Manager Ron Johnson and the coaching staff commandeered a table to make out the startng line-ups and prep for the game.

Speaking of the line-ups…here they are…

Charlotte Knights (54-67)

Jerry Owens CF
Jason Bourgeois 2B
Chris Getz 3B
Brad Eldred 1B
Royce Huffman DH
David Cook RF
Jason Tyner LF
Paul Phillips C
Fernando Cortez SS

Pawtucket Red Sox (73-48)

Jeff Bailey 1B
Joe Thurston LF
Keith Ginter 3B
Dusty Brown C
Josh Wilson SS
Jeff Corsaletti CF
Jeff Natale DH
Gil Velazquez 2B
Sean Danielson RF

Both Chris Carter and Jonathan Van Every are out of action again nursing strained oblique muscles. Johnson says Van Every is getting better while Carter is still sore. Carter said before the game that he is still tender on his right side and really hates to miss this game…

I will try to post more material throughout the game…

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